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What do I get with this purchase?

You get a complete 167 page story (equivalent of 8+ of my SHC Forbidden Zone updates in length) that I've been working on for almost a full year.  The story comes in both a Light and Extreme version and stars Mrs. Confederate, Southern Girl and Puritan vs. Crimson Defiler and Lesbia.  Also appearing in the story is Puritan's non-heroine daughter Tiffany as well as a guest appearance by the Heroine/Angel Virtue.

In addition to the story, you will receive the Art Pages (all dialogue and word balloons removed) from both the Light and Extreme versions of the story.

There are 10 never before released "Story Thus Far" pictures starring a wide range of heroines.

Bonus:  5 pages from an upcoming Solar Woman story and also 5 pages from an upcoming Leopard Lady story.


How do I get the story?

There are TWO WAYS to get Southern Justice vs. Crimson Defiler #1.

Option 1:  A NON-RECURRING One Month Membership.  If you pick this option, you will get access to this full story for one month after which time your membership will end and you will NOT be rebilled.  It's set up to look very similar to SuperheroineCentral's Forbidden Zone for ease of use.   Simply join and over the course of a month download the contents for your own keeping.

Option 2:  The story is also available on CD for those that prefer getting it that way and those who have dial-up connections that are slow.  The contents you receive are the same using either method.


How much does it cost?

The Non-Recurring One Month Membership costs $30.00US

The CD version costs $40.00US including S&H for the USA.  For orders outside the USA, $5.00 will be added.

Members of the SuperheroineCentral Forbidden Zone get a $5.00 discount due to DanO's generosity.

All transactions are being handled though the SuperheroineCentral Merchandise Store.


Is there nudity, sexual content or violence?

Oh hell yeah, and then some!  This story is definitely not for the kiddies.  Anyone under the age of 18, get lost until your 18th birthday.  ADULTS ONLY!


Having a problem accessing the Membership or with your CD order?

Please email sales@superheroinecentral.com with any questions for your quickest response.

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